Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Jewellery Photography - Welcome Back.

A familiar story we hear time and time again...

Recently we were contacted by one of our past clients who invested in their own photographic equipment to take their own photographs; obviously unfortunate,  however we understand as we have all had to make cutbacks in defense of spending.

However like many others clients who have come to us, our client realized competition is fierce; and although their own photographs have served a purpose over the years, they have recognized they are losing out to their competitors (a familiar story).

We were commissioned to take a series of photographs matching the photography of their competitors.

#Blown Out of the Water - need I say more... Our client was clearly impressed, mentioning they wished they had stayed with us for photography and they now feel have wasted years of their own time taking their own pictures.

#Welcome Back... We are now looking forward to building a stronger working relationship as before.

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