Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Roomset Photography - Company Literature.

Context of styles vary from job to job and we pride ourselves on building a good rapport with our clients, as an understanding of each other's ideas when creating a roomset is just as important as the photography.

Commissioned for a leading window company to show their new range of sash windows; we where asked is to produce bespoke roomsets with period charm to go with elegant conservation grade vertical sliding windows.

Set One - Cream Wood Grain Sash Windows.
Period living room with the impression of a country house, plus detail shots showing the different movements for the purpose of cleaning and ventilation.

Set Two - Georgian Irish Oak Sash Windows.
New windows where installed to show the different colour options to the consumer.
It's actually the same set as before showing the same characteristics as above, however situated within a dining room... it shows you how different a look can be achieved with change of paint colour, change of outside background and in this case a simple change of curtains.

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